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Michael Combs

Michael Combs

Research and Market Analyst LinkedIn

Michael joined the Economic Alliance in 2011. He is primarily responsible for compiling and analyzing information and statistics that are relevant to the Greater Baltimore economy. Additionally, he is responsible for producing marketing materials, authoring research projects and maintaining web and social media content for the Economic Alliance.

Before joining the Economic Alliance, Michael worked as a Project Manager for the Community Economic Adjustment Program (CEAP) in Ann Arbor, MI. CEAP is a partnership with the Economic Development Administration and the University of Michigan with the goal of assisting Midwest communities that have experienced heavy employment losses due to industrial manufacturing displacement. He helped lead a team that produced informative materials to educate local Midwest leaders about key economic and social advantages and opportunities in their community. Michael also has an extended background in technology education and support.

Michael received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Michigan—Dearborn. He later received his Master of Urban Planning and Graduate Certificate of Real Estate Development from the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor. His education primarily focused on practical regional economic development, the real estate development process and research methods.

Michael’s personal and professional interests include real estate, emerging economic development methods, education, technology, philosophy, art, sports and fitness.