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The Economic Alliance provides an array of services for companies, investment and growth within the Greater Baltimore region as well as providing access to a premier network of relationships through its member companies and jurisdictions. Some examples include:

Regional Marketing

The Economic Alliance has been tasked with creating a regional marketing campaign for the six jurisdictions we represent. This comprehensive marketing and public relations initiative will highlight the dynamic ecosystem that makes up Greater Baltimore, including the companies, universities, federal facilities, and incubator programs in the region.

Building Business Cases

The Economic Alliance builds business cases for companies that have a strategic incentive to establish a location in Greater Baltimore. The Greater Baltimore region is home to key assets in the Life Sciences, Healthcare Services, IT/Defense and Financial Services sectors that are instrumental in achieving business growth in these sectors. The Economic Alliance has performed detailed analyses of these assets and pro-actively engages the most beneficial private sector partners of choice to uniquely solidify the business case.

Facilitating the Relocation Process

The Economic Alliance is the sole public/private partnership that unites business, government and educational institutions to attract new business and investment to the Greater Baltimore region. We are uniquely positioned to help companies navigate the process of relocation by:

  • Working closely with the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, as well as with our six local jurisdictions to ensure a smooth site selection and relocation process.
  • Due to our close relationships with the Greater Baltimore's business community, we offer certain private sector incentives for relocating companies, as well as facilitate relationships for new companies with existing Baltimore businesses.
  • We bring local universities and community colleges to the table, and thereby create customized job training programs.

Facilitating Private Investment

Due to the critical mass of assets in Greater Baltimore's Life Sciences, IT / Defense, and Healthcare Services industries, the region holds a particular interest to venture capital and private equity firms. The State of Maryland ranks among the top states in research and development expenditures, resulting in a supply of innovative new therapeutics and technologies being developed in the Baltimore region.

The Economic Alliance, with our close partnerships with educational research institutions, federal facilities, and incubator programs, is well aligned to help identify exciting new opportunities emerging in the Greater Baltimore region.

Executive Missions

The Economic Alliance organizes executive missions to various locations around the country, bringing elected officials, corporate executives, university representatives, and local economic development professionals to meet with companies that are interested in the Greater Baltimore region.