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Our Publications

The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore regularly publishes content that highlights key industries, provides critical tracking content and informs readers about special topics in the region. Click on a publication below to download.

Industry Profiles

Our industry profiles are one-page briefs that provide an overview of key industries in Greater Baltimore. We will continue to update and add new profiles as the economy changes.

Quarterly Economic Updates

The Economic Alliance benchmarks Greater Baltimore against the 25 largest metro areas in the US to show Baltimore’s national standing in several economic indicators. The indicators include population and growth, unemployment rate, employment growth, industry growth and concentration, per capita income, foreclosure rates and median home prices.
Click here to download the latest report.


Below are some of the slideshow presentations that are regularly given by the Economic Alliance:

  • About the Economic Alliance: A brief overview of the Alliance's goals, initiatives, and organizational structure
  • Market Overview: A series of charts, rankings, and descriptions about economic indicators and what drives business in Greater Baltimore
  • Industry Overview: Charts and figures that detail the industrial make-up of Greater Baltimore
  • Full Report: Combines the slides from the three previous reports to form a brief overview of the Region