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Rock Star Profiles

Tom Wilcox

President and CEO | Baltimore Community Foundation Download Profile

Thomas E. Wilcox has served the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF), a collection of more than 600 philanthropic funds, since September, 2000. Tom Wilcox has led fund raising efforts that have helped the foundation triple its annual grantmaking, from an average of less than $10 million per year in the 1990’s to an average of $24 million per year in the past decade. These efforts have contributed to Baltimore’s renaissance and have brought opportunity to many Baltimoreans.

Wilcox helped to develop Invest in Baltimore, BCF’s civic agenda that encompasses and measures coordinated efforts to reduce poverty, stimulate economic growth and assure a high quality of life in Greater Baltimore. He is currently engaged in a strategic planning process, in collaboration with BCF’s board, donors and staff, to align BCF’s grantmaking, philanthropic initiatives and public advocacy in an effort to set and contribute to ambitious goals for the Baltimore region.

Wilcox currently serves on the boards of The Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Foundation, The Foundation Center, The Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust, The Middle Grades Partnership, The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, The East Baltimore Development Inc. Educational Initiative, and he chairs the board of CFLeads, a national coalition of community foundations committed to civic leadership. He also serves as an advisor to The William G. Baker Jr. Memorial Fund and The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation. He has been cited as an Influential Marylander and an Innovator of the Year by The Daily Record and is a regular contributor to the Op Ed page of The Baltimore Sun.

Before joining BCF, Wilcox served as headmaster of Concord Academy in Massachusetts for nineteen years. He was the founding director of The Association of Boarding Schools and a teacher and administrator in schools in the U.S. and Europe. Wilcox has a B.A. from Colorado College and an Ed.M. from Harvard University, where he divided his studies between the Graduate Schools of Education and Business Administration.

Under Tom Wilcox’s leadership over the last ten years, the Baltimore Community Foundation has demonstrated a high level of engagement in community affairs not only as a funder, but as a partner, advocate and leader. Some examples:

Invest in Baltimore
Following several years of research, community input and careful planning, BCF in 2006 rolled out a strategic framework, “Invest in Baltimore” for its fundraising, grantmaking, focused initiatives and advocacy, with a clearly articulated goal for all of BCF’s work: Baltimore boasts a growing economy where all have the opportunity to thrive.

Middle Grades Partnership
Tom Wilcox background as an educator prompted the creation of The Middle Grades Partnership, which offers academically promising Baltimore middle school youth the opportunity to excel in our city’s most challenging high schools. Today MGP serves 500+ students with comprehensive summer and school-year programming. It is considered a leading model both in the field of summer learning and in the arena of private-public school partnerships.

Central Maryland Transportation Alliance
Believing that no city could thrive without an excellent system of public transportation, BCF formed the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance to fill a void in local advocacy on this issue. The Transportation Alliance draws together business, public sector and philanthropic leaders and has been instrumental in advancing a public transit agenda.

A Thriving Community Foundation
During the ten years of Tom Wilcox’s leadership, the Baltimore Community Foundation has raised $365 million and distributed $241 million in grants to build a better Baltimore.